ICTFOOTPRINT.eu at Greening through ICT Summit (GtICT 2017), Paris

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu at Greening through ICT Summit (GtICT 2017), Paris

Oct 3 2017

IEEE Greening through ICT Summit (GtICT), takes place on 3 October at the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel.

Organised by the IEEE Green ICT Initiative, the Summit seeks to foster the incorporation of green metrics and standards into design concepts for various technical domains. The initiative brings together experts from different fields, in conferences and publications, with a view to promoting holistic design and standardisation approaches.

The GtICT explores opportunities for using information and communications technology (ICT) as a tool to improve environmental and societal functions, and increase the energy efficiency, lower the carbon footprint and enhance the ICT life cycle management.

The event brings together the research community, ICT practitioners and its vertical application sectors, equipment and technology providers, the ICT standardisation community, as well as public policy influencers and decision makers. A broad, multi-stakeholder dialogue will help identify the combination of key technological, commercial and public policy challenges that must be overcome to achieve sustainability in our increasingly connected world.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu was invited to join GtICT as a “table host” in the Summit’s panel, ensuring an animated and productive discussion between the panellists, and experts from across the globe representing different sectors.

Deloitte, a partner of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, is an expert of CO2 evaluation, with several years of experience in quantifying the environmental impacts of products, services and organisations in various economic sectors, including ICT. Deloitte will be a key contributor to the fruitful, interactive discussions.

During the event, ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will also have an exhibition booth, where GtICT attendees can get more detailed information about ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to try ICTFOOTPRINT.eu tools, such as the Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services, or SAT-S for short, a useful, free, quick and easy-to-use tool to calculate the carbon footprint of ICT services. The booth also features the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Marketplace as the online meeting point to find ICT sustainable suppliers and showcase green services towards sustainability in ICT.

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