ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is the European platform promoting the adoption of carbon footprint methodologies in the ICT sector. The goal is to support organisations in becoming more energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint, ultimately increasing their competiveness.

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Oct 20 2016

A free webinar with crucial information about tools to all those who want to improve ICT energy efficiency in their business.

Oct 17 2016

https://ictfootprint.eu/en/all-eventKnowledge Society and Mobility Forums” in Tampere, Finland, aims to update the audience on the latest EU policy developments, related to knowledge society themes.


Click on the ICT Standard you are interested in to go to the factsheet & read all the details GHG Protocol ICT - Hardware GHG Protocol ICT - Software GreenGrid - Carbon EU Energy star EPEAT IEC 62 725 IEC 62 921 ETSI 203 199/ITU 1410 ETSI 103 199 GHG PROTOCOL ICT TNS GHG Protocol ICT - DMS GHG Protocol ICT - Cloud Computing & Data Center Service ITU 1430 ITU 1420 ITU 1440 ADEME - ICT Sectoral Guidance ETSI 205 200 ETSI OEU 008

success stories

Green Digital CIty

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu considers Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, a success story of how a city addressed the challenge of decreasing the carbon footprint of ICT products. Malmo increased their energy efficiency, decreased their carbon footprint, and achieved considerable cost savings.

Click to check Malmo's strategy, the achieved results and plans for the future.

Green ICT Success Story

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu considers Linkoping (Sweden) a Success Story of tackling energy efficiency issues and minimizing its carbon footprint in ICT sector.

Click to check Linkoping 's strategy, achieved results and plans for the future.



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