New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards

New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards 6th webinar has insights on how to improve ICT energy efficiency in your business.

Alex Bardell, Member of Executive Board at Sustainability for London, focused his presentation on Data Centres standards, reviewing them in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability. His insights will help you understand what standards are and how they can help you reduce energy and carbon consumption.  

Silvana Muscella, founder/CEO of Trust-IT Services and Project Coordinator of, introduced the Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services (SAT-S). SAT-S is a useful, free, quick and easy-to-use tool to calculate the carbon footprint of ICT services. It is a practical tool for ICT-intensive organisations to position their ICT services footprint. Silvana is the driver behind the development of useful digital tools and services for smaller companies, in several ICT areas, such as energy efficiency, and especially useful for helping novices make their ICT more sustainable. .

Andie Stephens, Senior Customer/Project Manager at Carbon Trust and member of External Advisory Group, shared insights from ICT Sector Guidance for the GHG Protocol Product Standard, which provides detailed guidance for the foot-printing of ICT products and services in the following areas: Telecommunications Network Services, Desktop Managed Services, Cloud and Data Center Services, Hardware, and Software. Andie’s presentation provides an overview of the structure and applicability of the ICT Sector Guidance.

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