How to become a Certified Seller in online Marketplace online marketplace is the meeting point for ICT sustainable “Sellers” to meet “Buyers” (SMEs, large corporations, public administrators etc) who want to improve their energy efficiency and consequently reduce their carbon footprint. The marketplace will effectively contribute to speeding up the uptake of energy efficient ICT solutions. online marketplace: Connecting buyers and sellers for Energy Efficiency just launched a free online marketplace that brings together a roaster of reliable ICT solution providers, the so-called “sellers”, and will help organisations, the so-called “buyers”, find the sustainable ICT solution they need in order to improve their competitiveness on the European market.

ICT intensive organisations learn “How Energy Efficiency can lead your business growth

On 12th July 2016 ICT intensive organisations attended together first of a 12 on-line webinar series helping to benefit from advantages of energy efficiency. Professionals, interested on energy efficiency in ICT, learned how helps starting their energy efficiency journey.

How Energy efficiency can drive business growth - A webinars series to support competitiveness of European SMEs in the ICT sector

Why Webinars on energy efficiency in ICT?

SMEs are the backbone of the European economy, with almost 800,000 of them playing in the ICT sector, where they employ some 5.8 million workers. Besides, ICT is currently responsible for 8-10% of the European Union’s electricity consumption and up to 4% of its carbon emissions, but 55% of firms say they find it hard to make resource efficiency a part of their core business.

European Cities learn how can deliver energy efficiency with

How can cities improve their energy efficiency with ICT?  This was the key question addressed during the “Sustainable Energy Week” event, in Brussels (Belgium) on 16th June. joined  public authorities, energy agencies, industry associations, businesses, civil society organisations and the media looking for new ideas to make  cities both efficient and sustainable through digital transformation.

Osamu Namikawa (Hitachi - Japan) on energy efficiency &

Osamu Namikawa works for the Environment Policy Division, Information & Telecommunication Systems at Hitachi in Japan, where he is responsible for environmentally conscious design and environmental standardisation.

Mauro Boldi (Telecom Italia - Italy) on energy efficiency &

Mauro Boldi, a system engineer at Telecom Italia and one of the international experts on energy efficiency in, which is bringing new energy efficiency metrics and methodologies in the drive towards greener and more sustainable ICT. As an invited participant of the “End-user requirements gathering & validation” meeting at the European Commission in May 2016, Mauro brought his views on energy efficiency in the telecoms industry.

Green Experts reach consensus on innovative approach for measuring energy efficiency

Energy consumption in the ICT sector accounts for almost 10% of electricity consumption in the European Union. By decreasing emissions by just 15%, the ICT sector can make savings of €600 billion by 2020.

The 18th May 2016, had a select group of experts striving for a greener economy gathered in Brussels to discuss the adoption across the European Union of new energy efficiency metrics and methodologies in the drive towards greener and more sustainable ICT-Information and Communication Technologies.

SMEs & High Qualified International Experts come together to improve energy efficiency in ICT sector

European ICT SMEs and global ICT industry experts gather at Brussels workshop to chart a common course of action on carbon footprint methodologies and metric to improve energy efficiency.

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