Advisory or Consultancy

C&Ds is a Management Consulting firm, based in Switzerland (mainly Lugano and Zürich) but with a cross border approach between EU and North America, focused on topics related

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FLoris Competence Management

As being an independent learning institute for IT professionals we’re continuously looking for new and interesting training and certification programs to complete our portfolio.

19 November 2018

IFGICT is an independent organization created takes the lead and set i

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EnergyElephant is focused on helping people make better energy decisions using their energy data and our AI engine.

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Did you know that bad software can cause your electricity bill to go up?

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Club Green IT offers a Green IT Benchmark solution at the information system scope based on :

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IT efficiency specialist, EasyVirt offers software solutions to easily control and optimize IT infrastructures.

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Interested in urban green data centres

Dear all,

I am interested in urban green data centres.

Best regards,

Jordi, from IMI. Barcelona City Council (Spain)

13 March 2018

The START2ACT Energy Efficiency Consultancy offers solutions for young businesses for adopting behavioural change measures towards energy efficiency at the workplace.

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