EcoMeter helps you design and build more sustainable digital services. This online tool identifies sustainable web design best practices already implemented and the one that could be implemented in order to potentially lower your digital service environmental footprint. has been designed by a consortium of French web agencies and digital sercices based in Burgundy : Atol-CD, Cadoles, Logomotion, Planet Bourgogne, Pulsar DS. This project is managed by CCI Bourgogne France-Comté and Ardie Bourgogne and co-financed by Ademe.


You provide an URL to Our tool generates the DOM (Document Object Model) into a headless browser (PhantomJS). Then, we parse the DOM looking for patterns representative of best practices we are trying to detect. When the analysis ends, show you a summary.


  • Website:
  • Ownership: Consortium of French web agencies and digital services based in Burgundy (Atol-CD, Cadoles, Logomotion, Planet Bourgogne, Pulsar DS)

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