Success Stories

Atman - Poland

Atman. a data center provider, has developed its own environmental parameters and takes advantage of direct free cooling solutions in their DC facilities.

PuzzlePhone - Finland

PuzzlePhone it's the long­-lasting smartphone with three easy-to-change modules. (Like a puzzle. Except this is a phone.) Buying a new phone every time you drop it is now history. PuzzlePhone is reliable, upgradeable - ­even repairable!

Politecnico di Milano - Italy

To reduce the number of PCs powered on, the institution implemented PoliSave, a centralized web-based architecture which allows users to automatically schedule the power state of their PCs.

Logicalis - UK

Logicalis manages the performance of its data centres worldwide by looking at the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and other performance metrics such as the number of W per active server or the server utilisation rate.

FCO Services - UK

Recognised for reducing its environmental footprint, FCO Services’ efficient data centre has won the prestigious European Code of Conduct Awards for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (2016).

Equinix - UK

All nine Equinix's data centers in the UK and the Netherlands have achieved both ISO 14001(environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management) certifications from leading assurance provider, LRQA.

Deutsche Telekom - Germany

Deutsche Telekom reduces their carbon footprint in mind when planning and operating their data centers.

Capgemini - UK

Capgemini created a model which will enable future data centres to be more sustainable, operate with significantly more efficiency, be located more flexibly, and make high-end data management services accessible to a wider range of organisations and enterprises.

HM Land Registry - UK

Thanks to a strategy to work with staff and make adjustments to working practices, HM Land Registry’s Telford Office achieved savings with ICT equipment’s energy use through staff's monitors and how much of an impact seemingly small changes can have if we all make them.

Verne Global - Iceland

Verne Global needed to extend its commitment to sustainability in the form of highly efficient equipment throughout its entire power system.With a groundbreaking Energy Saver System (ESS), 9390 and 93PM UPSs that can operate at 99 percent efficiency, Verne Global reduces power and cooling operati

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