Circular Computing joins forces with EuroSys and provides environmentally friendly and affordable laptops

Circular Computing joins forces with EuroSys and provides environmentally friendly and affordable laptops

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Circular Computing, a registered seller in marketplace, is working on the development of a network of specialized IT resellers in Europe to distribute their remanufactured laptops. These laptops are business laptops of 3 years old that were completely disassembled and completely renewed. In addition to a new battery and an upgrade of the parts, the laptop also gets a new look and a 3 year warranty. For example, Circular Computing provides "as good as new" laptops that are not only sustainable, but also a lot cheaper than a new laptop.

In each country Circular Computing only chooses one partner and in Belgium they opt for EuroSys. EuroSys wants to bring these laptops to the schools in Belgium in the first instance. Later they expand their sales market to companies and governments. However, companies that also have a DNA for sustainability and provided volume reduction + 20 pieces of interest may now also contact them. The remanufactured laptops are all business-pro laptops.

Rod Neale, CEO and founder of Circular Computing: "We chose EuroSys to represent Circular Computing in Belgium because they demonstrated sustainable leadership, a passion to bring Circular Computing to their customers and a vision for a better future for the future. man and the earth. "

Mark Lens, CEO and founder of Eurosys: "We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Circular Computing and to bring sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly laptops to schools and businesses in Belgium.

Circular Computing is recognized worldwide as the world's first Computer Remanufacturer and the company shares many core values with EuroSys. The cooperation is positive for both institutions, for their customers and for the planet.

"Remanufactured computing fits into the ideas of Happy Profit, which I apply in all my companies. We must ensure that we leave the world better than how we got it.  After we have taken the initiative to make our building CO2-neutral by the end of this year and to significantly limit the CO2 emissions of our fleet (with the objective of having more than 90% of the fleet fully electric by 2024), remanufactured computing is another step in our path towards sustainability. By early 2019, we aim to compensate all IT we sell by planting trees so that every sale is CO2-neutral." says Mark.

What does Circular Computing do?

Circular Computing ensures sustainable IT by renewing quality laptops from 3 years old to as good as new products. For 25 years they have been using laptops from top brands such as HP, Lenovo and Dell. These products come out of lease after 3 years and are then the best performing computers that are available for reuse. The laptops are completely dismantled by Circular Computing, improved with new components and reassembled. This 5-hour process of remodeling and renewal ensures that the computers are as new again.
A recent study by Cranfield University shows that revised Circular Computing laptops generally reach between 93% and 97% of the level of a new computer. Not only does a Circular laptop perform almost the same as a new one, but some of the models used also performed better than the brand new laptops from competitors.

About EuroSys Business

EuroSys Business wants to inspire companies, governments and schools in times of digital transformation with innovative solutions that provide better insights, decisions and projects.
From our offices in Houthalen and Halle we focus on SMEs (from 5 employees), schools and governments. We have six focus areas: IT infrastructure, Cloud Solutions, Printers and Multifunctionals, Telecom Solutions, Maintenance & Support and Training.
We offer our clients the most complete and appropriate IT solutions ranging from advice, implementation, support, maintenance to training. Moreover, we always think 'a few steps forward' so that our customers always work with future proof solutions.

From left to right: Conrad Mohr (Circular Computing), Mark Lens (EuroSys), Roel Raymaekers (EuroSys) and Steve Haskew (Circular Computing).

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Circular Computing joins forces with EuroSys and provides environmentally friendly and affordable laptops |


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