How to ecodesign digital services? Focus on the GreenConcept project - 8th Webinar

February 06 2018

How to ecodesign digital services? Focus on the GreenConcept project - 8th Webinar

Posted by r.meneses

The demand for more efficient products to reduce energy and resource consumption is growing. The fast development of digital services and the increasing quantity of data is having a significant impact on our environment, such as GHG emissions, energy consumption, electronic waste production, and resources depletion....

It is imperative to search for new design solutions that are environmentally friendly and result in a reduction in the consumption of materials and energy. Ecodesign is an approach to designing products with the special consideration of environmental impacts associated with all stages of product’s LCA (Life-cycle assessment).

However, the questions are as follows; how to assess the environmental impact of a digital service with a LCA methodology? How to build an improvement action plan of impact reduction? How companies can handle together digital transformation and environmental performance? is organising a webinar on the 28th of February, 12:00 PM CET to help you incorporate ecodesign into ICT services.

Five passionate experts will share ecodesign insights and present The GreenConcept project, which helps small & medium companies to implement the principles of ecodesign into the development of their digital services (web site, social network, IOT appliance, platform, amongst others).

Who are the speakers?

Caroline Vateau (Senior Consultant at NEUTREO and General Secretary of Alliance Green IT) and Damien Prunel (Ecodesign Consultant at Bureau Veritas) CODDE will explain the method of how to ecodesign a digital service based on the white paper from Alliance Green IT.

Christophe Fernique, in charge of the environmental issues at the Occitanie Chamber of Commerce, will explain in detail the GreenConcept project from the origin to the first results.

Sebastien Bernis (CEO of BSWEB - webmarketing appliance) and Valentin Girard (Specialist in embedded systems and RFID technology at ELA INNOVATION - IOT based appliance), will both share their experiences on the GreenConcept project.

The webinar is moderated by Silvana Muscella (Project Coordinator of and CEO of Trust-IT Services) who has a broad experience in stimulating topics in the ICT sector. In recent years, her drive has been in motivating her team to turn their expertise into developing useful ICT tools and services for smaller companies, alike Trust-IT, in the ICT sectors for energy efficiency, cloud procurement and cybersecurity, and providing online tools for making cloud computing easier, particularly for novices.

REGISTER NOW! The 1 hour webinar is free and open to all.

Why should you join the webinar?

  • Learn how to start making your ICT more sustainable;
  • Start benefiting from the advantages of sustainable ICT and reduced energy costs;
  • Join free of charge and in 1 hour you’ll have a focused and clear idea of how you can improve your energy efficiency in ICT.

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How to ecodesign digital services? Focus on the GreenConcept project - 8th Webinar |


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