Low Carbon ICT: Green Rating Investment Tool, Carbon Fee Report & Data Centers - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu 7th Webinar

November 13 2017

Low Carbon ICT: Green Rating Investment Tool, Carbon Fee Report & Data Centers - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu 7th Webinar

Posted by r.meneses

Today the services, or tertiary sector, is driving the European economyTertiary Sector, the sector of the economy that concerns services, is nowadays the backbone of European economic, generating around 70 % of the EU's GDP and employment (source: Eurostat). It’s Energy Consumption in tertiary sector has been growing continuously since 2008, where with just trade premises and offices clocking up over 50% (source: Odyssee-mure) of the energy is consumed comes only from the trade sector and offices. It is imperative that Hence the importance of making this sector becomemores energy efficient in order toand decreasreducinge its carbon footprint.

Efficiency itself has becoame a new energy energy resource itself: it’s is competitive, cost effective, and widely available. But, it seems that 74% of people think that organisations are still not doing enough to cut their carbon emissions and tackle climate change (source: Inprova Energy). Lack of knowledge and financial barriers constraints are two of the most common main reasons behind this reality.

Knowing Being aware of the your organisation’sal footprint will allow s you to reduce the sources of carbon from your company’s operations and start planning your a carbon neutral journey. Knowing your carbon footprint is your starting point to become carbon neutral but, the question is, how is that possibleSo how do you get started?

The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu webinar is all about ensure you’re on the making you on the ball in low carbon footprint

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organising a webinar on the 21th of November, 12:00 PM CET to help you decrease carbon footprint emissions of your organisation

Who are our Speakers?

Jakub Bartnicki, Energy & Built Environment Services Manager at Bureau Veritas, will introduces the Green Rating for Energy Performance Contracts, a technical and financial assessment methodology developed through the Horizon2020- funded Trust EPC South project. The system allows for a standardised and clearly defined approach to for identification and calculation of energy efficiency measures from a technical recommendations to project finance scope for the purpose of energy performance contracting in tertiary sector

Adina Braha-Honciuc, Government Affairs Manager – EU Policy at Microsoft, will showcases the Microsoft Carbon Fee report. By operating carbon neutral, Microsoft has changed the way it operates. The company reduced energy and emissions, bought clean energy to cover what it could not reduce and invested in offset projects for the carbon Microsoft cannot reduce or replace. These efforts are funded by Microsoft internal carbon fee, which charges all Microsoft’s business groups for their carbon footprint. Learn more about how Microsoft has established the internal carbon fee model and how it works.

Derek Webster is the Yahoo! EMEA Head of Data Center Development, CEO at Data Center Consultancy Andget and is a former European Data Centre Association (EUDCA.org) Board member. Derek will demonstrates how formula one (F1 DC) Designs can reach the Enterprise Site with Macro Green to ROI benefits. Derek will illustrate how How building for efficiency is more than low cost but a win-win-win for environmental concerns, socio-economic impact, architecture, history of the location, natural resources issues, engineering...

The webinar is will be moderated by Silvana Muscella, CEO at Trust-IT Services and member of The Green Grid, a non-profit organisation that promotes resource efficiency in ICT. She has experience on tackling high-level strategy building, coordination, strategic marketing and communication development in ICT, namely energy efficiency.

The 1 hour webinar is free and open to all. REGISTER NOW

Why should you watch the webinar?

  • See how you can manage better the energy consumption of your organisation;
  • Start benefiting from the advantages of improved energy efficiency and reduced energy costs;
  • Absolutely free to join and in 1 hour you’ll have a clear picture of how to decrease your carbon footprint.

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