Success Stories

EARLHAM Institute - UK

EARLHAM Institute, aresearch institute renowned for its contribution to the analysis and data-sharing of the highly complex wheat genome that is critical to securing future global food supplies, will save up to 70% in energy costs (based on 14p to 4p KWH rate) and with no additional power for coo

BMW Group - Germany

BMW Group moves high performance computing applications (HPC) to Iceland to benefit from 100% renewable, affordable data centre power, reducing annual carbon emissions by 3,570 metric tons and cost of powering its HPC applications by as much as 82 percent.

Walhalla - Spain

Walhalla uses now uses Eaton’s Variable Module Management System (VMMS) and Energy Saver System (ESS) technologies, helping the company achieve greater efficiencies without compromising on data centre reliability (achieved 99 per cent efficiency).


Lexmark has implemented industry-leading post-consumer recycled plastics in its toner cartridges using a closed-loop recycling process and has set significant future targets to drive further environmental impact reduction on all its product lines. With Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme, Lexmark has reclaimed a feed-stream of high-impact polystyrene plastic from empty toner cartridges. After returning this material to near-virgin quality, it is used to make housings and other components, minimising the resource extraction necessary to produce new toner cartridges.

China Southern Power Grid, China

Smart grid - An electricity grid that thinks for itself. China Southern Power Grid decreased 5% in costs compared to their previous solutions by implementing an ICT enabled smart grid, which allows energy savings and emission reduction.

Malmö, SWEDEN considers Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, a success story of how a city addressed the challenge of decreasing the carbon footprint of ICT products. Malmo increased their energy efficiency, decreased their carbon footprint, and achieved considerable cost savings.

Click to check Malmo's strategy, the achieved results and plans for the future.

Linköping, SWEDEN considers Linköping (Sweden) a Success Story of tackling energy efficiency issues and minimizing its carbon footprint in ICT sector.

Click to check Linköping 's strategy, achieved results and plans for the future.

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