Success Stories

Beaulieu College - South Africa

Having tried thin-client processors to save energy, the school found them unsuitable for their demanding curriculu. When looking to expand their ICT facilities, they were concerned about the impact more PCs and subsequent air-conditioning requirements would have on their energy usage.

Digital3rd - UK

As a business dedicated to developing the next generation of technical talent, one of Digital3rd’s primary objectives was to ensure that they had the very latest technology. The team were equally passionate about running their business in an energy efficient, sustainable way.


St Jeroms School - UK

St Jerome’s is a school with a very strong focus on sustainability. When faced with needing to replace their dated, slow computer systems, the school was keen to find a solution that would improve their classroom performance.

Bexley Business Academy - UK

As an early adopter of low-carbon initiatives, the Bexley Business Academy had already trialed low-energy thin client solutions. But Bexley’s IT team found that this technology was not achieving the performance they needed to run the complex software their curriculum required.

Bedford Drive Primary School - UK

Aligned with their motto ‘Inspire, Believe, Succeed’, Bedford Drive Primary School wanted to take full advantage of their multi-million pound rebuild by ensuring the very latest technology was adopted.

Hoylake Holy Trinity CofE Primary School - UK

Hoylake Holy Trinity ’s new computing technology is now delivering all the performance of a standard PC with half the energy and carbon consumption.

STMicroelectronics - Switzerland

ST is committed to reducing its energy consumption and associated carbon footprint through energy efficiency and conservation programs along with the purchase of CO2-free and renewable energies.

Microsoft - Ireland

Microsoft opened a new data centre in Dublin, Ireland, that has a Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25, on a scale where 1 is the optimal (the average in the industry is approximately 2.0 and Microsoft data centres globally have an average of 1.6).

Jerlaure - France

The aim of the “Green Data Centre” is globally to reduce energy losses from the technical architectures, to use virtualisation to optimise the IT infrastructure and, where possible, to recover the calories to produce energy or heating. JERLAURE totally supports this approach.

Fairphone - The Netherlands

When it comes to making our phone, we’re doing things a little differently. We aim to create positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a phone’s life cycle, thanks to long lasting design, fair materials, good working conditions, reuse and recycling.

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