Success Stories

COOP - Switzerland

Through consistent virtualization of UNIX servers COOP could achieve substantial efficiency improvements. This success story emerged out of a Campaign of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Swiss telecommunications association and Green IT SIG (Green IT Switzerland).

GreenConcept Project - France

Ecodesign of digital services is an holistic approach which enables the assessment of the environmental impacts with a life cycle analysis methodology including Datacenter, telecom network, and end-user devices.

Aperam - Luxembourg

Aperam is a global player in stainless steel with 2.5mt of flat stainless steel capacity in Europe and Brazil. Late 2017, Aperam was looking for external help to launch its Green IT strategy in order to reduce environmental impacts and IT costs.

European Commission - Belgium

As part of a collective effort led by UCM to sensitize web agencies to the potential of digital service ecodesign, ESN assessed the environmental impacts of the Environment For Europeans (EFE) website with the help of

RVX - Iceland

Iceland’s RVX, a leading VFX and animation studio which has worked on major productions including 2 Guns, Contraband and Gravity, used to house all its servers internally, but found these were rapidly approaching the limits of their technical capacity – and it was running out of physical space to

Digiplex and Stockholm Exergi - Sweden

Nordic data-center operator Digiplex and Stockholm Exergi, the Swedish capital's leading energy supplier, are going to be using excess heat from servers to warm the equivalent of 10,000 households.


The environmental impact of our cloud services (IAAS) has decreased by 80% on a life cycle global approach (hosting of 1 virtual server during 1 year), 30% reduction of the electrical consumption of storage services.


The city of Tampere with its eight neighbouring municipalities procure all their ICT infrastructure and devices jointly, fostering a culture change within the public sector when it comes to its environmental impact.


The nine municipalities of the Tampere City Region make joint solutions, for example in support services related to ICT and office equipment. The aim is to have smooth and digitized service chains, a renewed way of doing things, improved efficiency, and savings in energy and costs.

Queen Margaret University - UK

Queen Margaret University (QMU) campus needed to be as energy efficient as possible, not just to cut costs but also to make it a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant place to be.

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