Success Stories

Zurich Insurance Company - Switzerland

Measuring workplace occupancy with technology-based solutions, creates new opportunities to work with our internal customers, to develop and deliver right-sized, fit-for-purpose workplace solutions.

Alliance Green IT - France

We Love Green IT is an annual conference day organized by AGIT and its partners to promote Green IT good practices. and reflections. The latest event took place in Paris on 7 November, 2018.

Green IT Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Green IT Week is dedicated to spotlight initiatives such as events, projects and good practices which help achieve sustainable targets and ambitions with ICT and technology, for individual organizations, government and society.

Point de M.I.R, Maison de l’Informatique Responsable - France

A screening and debate around the film : "Rare Earth: the Dirty War“ was organized to increase the awareness of digital users regarding the impact of the extraction of rare earth metals.

Valérie Schneider Conseil - France

This project describes various GreenIT Educational Activities in several French Engineering Schools : ISEP, EPITA, ECE and ESAIP.
The objective is to increase students’ awareness regarding Green ICT technologies figures and their environmental and social impact.

EnergieSchweiz - Switzerland

The campaign “Less power, more efficiency in server rooms and Datacenters” aims to draw IT operators' attention to the energy-saving potential in their Datacenters.

Network Energy St.Gallen - Switzerland

The goals and objectives of Green IT are still not known very well in Switzerland. However, there are several initiatives from the Government, professional associations and companies.

Schuberg Philis - The Netherlands

In order to reduce the water consumption in datacenters, this project’s main objective was to switch to a new technology for the water discharge in the datacenter and the chemical free system.

EURECA project - UK

On Energy Savings: - Empowered the EU public sector to identify 131 GWh/year of primary energy savings through innovation (27.83 tCO2/year savings, with annual electricity bill savings of €7.1M).

Green Data Center Platform - The Netherlands

Green Data Center Platform is an initiative to accelerate the energy transition and improve energy efficiency in the Datacenter sector by sharing knowledge, best practices and lessons learned

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