ICTFOOTPRINT.eu at "Sustainable Energy Week"

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu at "Sustainable Energy Week"

Jun 21 2017 to Jun 22 2017

Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will take place between 19th and 25th June, in Brussels (Belgium) at European Commission’s Charlemagne building and the Residence Palace.

EUSEW is the most important European conference dedicated to sustainable energy policy issues, organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in close cooperation with Directorate-General for Energy. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power.

EUSEW’s main goal is to spread awareness of how to use energy more sustainably, build a low-carbon economy and create a united approach to sustainable energy use. Past speakers and participants have come from city councils and the European institutions, private companies and research organisations, citizen groups and NGOs.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu was invited to join the panel of speakers of “Data centres — nearly zero energy consumption”, taking place on Wednesday 21st June, at 2:00 PM, in Charlemagne Building. The session is dedicated to debate and share insights on how to increase data centres energy efficiency, in order to reduce their demand to operate under proper conditions and sourcing the energy required to operate from on-site or nearby renewable sources.

Trust-IT Services, project coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, will share with the audience the data centres’ section in its marketplace, where a number of sustainable ICT service providers showcase their solutions, zooming into some virtuous data centres and inspiring related success stories. Special focus will be dedicated also to presenting the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services, known as SAT-S, a useful, free, quick and easy-to-use tool to calculate the carbon footprint of ICT services.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will also join EUSEW Networking Village on Thursday 22nd June, between 9:00 AM till 12:30 PM, at the “Green Digital Charter” stand, at Residence Palace.

The Green Digital Charter (GuiDanCe) stand, in partnership with ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, will raise visitors' awareness on the energy consumption of digital devices. Thanks to a participatory board, visitors will get insights on energy consumption and assess their own carbon footprint of ICT devices, through a "scoring methodology".

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Visit GuiDanCe stand at EUSEW Networking Village

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