New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards

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New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On 27th June 2017, the 6th ICTFOOTPRINT webinar shared insights on how to improve ICT energy efficiency in your business.

There is a pressing need for the European ICT sector to become energy efficient, and more sustainable with lower levels of carbon footprint. This is an area where Data Centres have a major role to play. Data Centres alone are responsible for 3% of global electricity supply and for 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions (the same carbon footprint as the airline industry).

Making the ICT sector more sustainable should not only focus on data centres. It is crucial to also pay attention to life cycle GHG emissions of other ICT products and services, such has telecoms network services and desktop managed services. There are several approaches and methodologies to decrease ICT carbon footprint, which will contribute to global emission reductions and energy savings. The challenge is to make ICT players aware of them and help them understand why they are important. The webinar is all about giving you a helping hand.

Great line-up of experts on ICT sustainability

Alex Bardell, Member of Executive Board at Sustainability for London, focused his presentation on Data Centres standards, reviewing them in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability. His insights will help you understand what standards are and how they can help you reduce energy and carbon consumption.  

Silvana Muscella, founder/CEO of Trust-IT Services and Project Coordinator of, introduced the Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services (SAT-S). SAT-S is a useful, free, quick and easy-to-use tool to calculate the carbon footprint of ICT services. It is a practical tool for ICT-intensive organisations to position their ICT services footprint. Silvana is the driver behind the development of useful digital tools and services for smaller companies, in several ICT areas, such as energy efficiency, and especially useful for helping novices make their ICT more sustainable.

Andie Stephens, Senior Customer/Project Manager at Carbon Trust and member of External Advisory Group, shared insights from ICT Sector Guidance for the GHG Protocol Product Standard, which provides detailed guidance for the foot-printing of ICT products and services in the following areas: Telecommunications Network Services, Desktop Managed Services, Cloud and Data Center Services, Hardware, and Software. Andie’s presentation provides an overview of the structure and applicability of the ICT Sector Guidance.

The 1 hour webinar is free and open to all

Why should you watch the webinar?

  • Learn how to start making your ICT more sustainable;
  • See how you can manage better the energy consumption of your ICT;
  • Start benefiting from the advantages of improved energy efficiency and reduced energy costs;
  • Absolutely free to join and in 1 hour you’ll have a clear picture of how to improve your energy efficiency in ICT.

The webinar is for any European ICT player that needs to improve its energy efficiency in ICT.


New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards


Alex Bardell - Sustainability for London

Executive board member of Sustainability for London (SFL), SFL are a member not-for-profit group, with a focus on providing practical real-world solutions within the sphere of sustainable ICT. Alex comes from an Enterprise Architecture Background managing teams in the delivery of Technology Solutions. He is an expert in the area of Cloud Computing and Data Centre delivery, with 20 years’ experience working for multinational Organisations. He has built up an expertise of Standards in the selection process of Data Centre services used in the creation of Technology Solutions.

Silvana Muscella - Trust-IT Services
Silvana Muscella Trust-IT Services

Silvana Muscella is CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services. She tackles high-level strategy building, business acquisition, coordination and strategic marketing and communication developments in ICT, namely in cloud computing tools & services & cybersecurity, ICT in energy efficiency. Has played an instrumental role in connecting stakeholders around standardisation efforts in distributed computing (namely, IEEE, ETSI, OGF, SNIA, DMTF, OASIS, ITU-T) & excellent relations with NIST. Currently Coordinator of, the EU framework for energy & environmental efficiency in the ICT sector. Among her appointments, she is an ACM professional member, member of the Green Grid, member of ECSO & IEEE InterCloud Computing Initiative.

Andie Stephens - Carbon Trust
Andie Stephens Carbon Trust

Andie has 8 years’ experience of product carbon footprinting at the Carbon Trust, ranging from fruit to cement, including IT, publishing, dairy and paper. He leads the Carbon Trust work with ICT companies, having worked with AT&T, BT, Dimension Data, EE, O2, Samsung, Verizon and Vodafone on carbon measurement and reduction programs. He led the development of the ICT Sector Guidance for the GHG Protocol Product Standard; this initiative was supported by: Alcatel Lucent, BT, Capgemini, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, EMC, Ericsson, Fujitsu, HP and Microsoft. He is at the forefront of methodology development for the quantification of carbon abatement from ICT enablement, having worked directly with ICT companies on carbon abatement measurement projects, and was the lead author for the Mobile Carbon Impact report, published by GeSI, December 2015. Prior to the Carbon Trust, he had a variety of experience including as an international consultant in supply chain and manufacturing, and as a general manager for a software and consultancy company.

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