Ecodesign of digital services - White paper by AGIT

January 07 2019

Ecodesign of digital services - White paper by AGIT

Posted by r.meneses

The "Ecodesign of digital services" white paper was developed by AGIT, an associaion of a clusters and federations, representing more than 6,000 digital companies.

Connected objects, smartphones, telecom networks and datacenters are at the origin of many environmental stakes such as the depletion of the resources, the climatic disturbance, and the biodiversity collapse, induced by various pollutions associated to the bad treatment of the waste of equipments Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). It is therefore crucial to integrate environmental issues right from the design phase of digital services. Ecodesign proposes an "holistic approach that can identify important levers for reducing environmental impacts to develop digital services that are both more sustainable and offering a better user experience," says Caroline Vateau, co-author of the document and administrator of the program. It is crucial that ICT sector develops digital tools that are more functional, faster, more accessible, consume less resources and energy and generate less waste. 

Designed as a user manual, the AGIT's digital ecodesign of digital services is aimed at all companies and organizations, wishing to develop sustainable digital services: from the website to online payment, from streaming to connected objects, from big data to cloud services, socks connected to smart-grids. This methodology has received the support of thousands of European companies gathered in a dozen clusters, associations and federations: Green IT Alliance, Cinov-IT, Green IT Club, Collective Responsible Digital Design, DigitalPlace, Ecologic, France Datacenter , France IT, Green IT Amsterdam (NL), Green IT SIG (CH), Eco-design, SustainabilITy for London (UK), Syntec Digital and Tech in France.

The ecodesign approach of digital service is based on standards and standards of ecodesign (ISO 14006, ISO 14062) whose key principles are:

  • The definition of the function of the digital service and the functional unit (reference unit);
  • Taking into account all stages of the digital service life cycle, equipment and associated physical flows;
  • ntegration of several environmental indicators to enable environmental improvement without pollution transfer;
  • Consideration of the 3 physical pillars of the digital service (terminals, telecommunication networks and data centers);
  • The establishment of a dialogue with stakeholders.


White paper (French version):


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Ecodesign of digital services - White paper by AGIT |


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