Data Management

EnergyElephant is focused on helping people make better energy decisions using their energy data and our AI engine.

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Interested in urban green data centres

Dear all,

I am interested in urban green data centres.

Best regards,

Jordi, from IMI. Barcelona City Council (Spain)

13 March 2018

Founded in 2001, CELESTE's mission is to leverage enterprise businesses towards digital revolution.

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RhombuZoid INC


25 April 2017

Escan is an Spanish Energy Consultig that develope energy audits and studies on energy efficeincy and renewable energy sources for public bosies and private companies.

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At Verne Global, we combine a unique location and ultra low power costs with flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure to provide you with optimized solutions for any applicat

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test SUPP D

Life Cycle Inventory (and carbon footprint) database

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