ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Workshop Event - European Policy levers towards Green IT


ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Workshop Event - European Policy levers towards Green IT

Sep 24 2018

LOCATION: Paris, France
DATE: 24th September, 1:30 PM- 6.30 PM
THEME: Identification of policy levers towards a reduced environmental footprint of the ICT sector in Europe, through the uptake of assessment methodologies

Purpose & Scope of the workshop

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu and Alliance Green IT (AGIT) joined force to organise a workshop which objective is to identify the main policy levers towards an uptake of ICT environmental assessment among players of the sector, as a key feature for a more responsible and greener ICT. To do so, the workshop aims at gathering expertise from a selection of most-relevant stakeholders in the European ICT sector.

The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to the presentation of the advantages of quantifying the footprint of ICT and the main reasons identified at European level for a limited implementation of the footprint methodologies in the sector. The second part of the workshop will give participants the opportunity to react to the proposed drivers, and to suggest additional ones. Discussions will take place in small groups and will be dedicated to a specific question.

All feedback collected during the event will be consolidated and later valued as expert contribution during the elaboration of a European Policy Action Plan, to be delivered in the scope of the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu project. The Action Plan will provide with recommendations intended to the EU28 Member States and a proposition of roadmap for the next 5 years.

The environmental footprint of the ICT sector

The ICT sector is estimated to contribute to 8-10% of the European electricity consumption and up to 4% of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – with figures expected to grow rapidly in the coming years (Source:European Commission (2013) Press release - Digital Agenda: global tech sector measures its carbon footprint). In this context, it appears increasingly important for ICT stakeholders to consider their environmental impact and start implementing solutions on the short and mid-term. By suggesting standardised and quantified metrics and associated guidelines, assessment methodologies allow for organisations to follow the energy consumption and GHG emissions of their activities, thus are one of the levers towards reduced footprint. Although figures on the ICT sector contribution are generally acknowledged, and multiple methodologies specific to the ICT sector are now available to assess the environmental footprint of ICT products and organisations, few companies in the sector and local authorities currently implement environmental methodologies or best practices, e.g. when defining their strategy or developing a new product.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, as a framework initiative for energy & environmental efficiency in the ICT sector, aims at raising awareness and introducing the main aspects of a sustainable ICT focused on an environmental assessment approach. One of the objectives is to democratise the implementation of methodologies and standards and help SMEs in identifying the most relevant methodologies and implement them. Through the elaboration of a European Policy Action Plan, ICTFOOTPRINT.eu aims at identifying the possible levers that could help breaking down the barriers to the assessment of methodologies by companies (specifically SMEs) and public authorities in the ICT sector.

The Agenda (DRAFT)

Monday 24th September 2018
Time Description Speaker
14:00-14:15 Introduction to the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu project and the aim of the workshop SIlvana Muscella (ICTFOOTPRINT.eu & Trust-IT Services)
14:15-14:30 Presentation of findings from the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu project on awareness and use of methodologies among the ICT sector

Frédéric Croison (ICTFOOTPRINT.eu & Deloitte)

14:30-14:45 Presentation of the AGIT White Paper on ecodesign Caroline Vateau (AGIT)
14:45-15:00 Presentation of the WeGreenIT benchmark tool Frédéric Bordage (Club Green IT)
15:00-15:10 - NETWORKING COFFEE  
15:10-16:50  Working Group Session


16:50-17:00  Conclusions of the workshop Chloé Devauze (ICTFOOTPRINT.eu & Deloitte)

Venue & Pratical Info

The event will take place at Deloitte premises (Tour Majunga, 6 place de la Pyramide - 92 800 Puteaux / Paris La Défense). Our offices are accessible by public transport (RER A / Metro 1 at “La Défense” station) or taxi (voie de la Pyramide, La Défense 9, 92 800 Puteaux / Paris La Défense). We will welcome you at the lobby, at which time you will present your ID to the front desk staff to receive your visitor badge.


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